Trying To Understand & Appreciate Misunderstood Disorders

The disorders being spoken about in this short note are mental and/or emotional disorders. It is an open invitation for you to try and place yourself in their shoes. Because really, as decent as you all are, you have no idea what they might be going through, for better or for worse. What a statement to be making at this time. For better or for worse. And to death do us part. How ironic. Try being bipolar for a change. And try partnering with a transgendered woman. Treatment for bipolar disorder maumee oh inpatients.

Treatment for folks suffering from gender dysphoria. How stuff works. And how it’s making people better. Well, not entirely. Try living with such conditions for the rest of your natural lives. Bipolar stress disorder. And gender dysphoria. Because that is the harsh reality for these folks. But really, folks, it’s only harsh if these folks cannot or may not get the treatment they need, the treatment they well and truly deserve. Really, folks, you need to learn to love and accept. Because whose fault is it anyhow.

bipolar disorder maumee oh

They did not ask to be born this way. Yes, that’s quite right folks. Born this way. It’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s not something you can pick and choose like you’ve been shopping at the grocer store. Whether these folks are getting treatment for their disorders or not – and hopefully, those that aren’t, cannot, will be soon – they’re not taking life for granted, something you might be in the habit of doing. They’re taking it as it comes. One day at a time. And sometimes, it’s really hard. And it’s not even the condition.

It’s the people out there that are making it this way. It’s not necessary. Really, folks.


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